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Contera citysite


CITYSITE is a modern and intelligent business park concept focused on sustainable urban logistics. We seek out abandoned places in cities that are overlooked by others and breathe new life into them. Thanks to the CITYSITE concept, we are turning them into parks with multifunctional uses.


Created by CONTERA with precision and sensitivity

CITYSITE is a sophisticated concept of a modern business park, created with sensitivity by CONTERA along with other leaders in the field. It is a comprehensive space that focuses on functionality, sustainability, precision, and also aesthetic value. Always with the goal for the park to respect the given locality and continuously move it forward.

Multifunctional parks for the 21st century

CITYSITE is a friendly place for people to do business, to work, to live, and to spend time in a meaningful way, all within an accessible distance of their homes. All of this with a sense of the area and the neighborhood, the latest technology, and respect for future generations and the natural environment.

Urban logistics as our focus

A pillar of urban logistics is the concept of Small Business Units. These flexible units consist of office space, showrooms, and small commercial, warehouse, production, or research and development facilities precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium‑sized enterprises. It is no longer necessary to travel tens of kilometers on the highway to distant warehouses, as these locations are a pleasant distance from any point in the city.

Contera citysite

Small Business Units

These flexible units are made up of office spaces, showrooms, and small commercial, warehouse, production, or research and development premises that are precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. They have a separate entrance from the street in addition to their own entrance for cars. Their popularity continues to increase.

Contera citysite

Development as a respectful step forward

The term developer evokes different emotions in society - and these do not always correspond to reality. That is why it is important to explain what is behind this word.

Development has two basic objectives: to make a property more valuable and to participate in the development of the area. It is a neutral process of investing in a property, which should maintain certain values and standards that are beneficial and respectful to the developing community.

At Contera, we focus on unused, dilapidated, and overlooked sites - brownfields that we revitalize and give a chance for a new beginning.

We build modern business parks, and in doing so bring new jobs. We offer spaces to rent for small, medium, and large entrepreneurs. We also significantly invest in the surrounding greenery and expand the range of services in the area. Overall, we are trying to create value-added parks that are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the given location.